What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Whatever you want to call it - an e-cigarette, e-cig, personal vaporizer or PV, an electronic cigarette is a battery-operated, rechargeable and reusable electronic device that replicates and replaces the satisfaction of smoking traditional analog tobacco products. With an e-cigarette kit, the user inhales a water-based soluble solution, nicotine-optional vapour mist, also known as e-juice, which is virtually identical to the look, feel, and fulfillment of tobacco smoking.

what is an e-cigarette?

Have you bought an e cig only to be disappointed by the unreliability or lack of performance? Recently, electronic cigarettes in Vancouver have been sold shops and convenience stores and this trend is growing in popularity among smokers looking for a better alternative to smoking tobacco products and have now decided to try and capitalize on its demand, problem is that with no invested interest in the consumers value per dollar they care little about knowing what e cig product or brands are the best bang for the buck on the market. To boot they are not entitled to sell e juice with nicotine legally. We have the experience, product knowledge and carry the two best electronic cigarette starter kits in Vancouver.

What is in E Juice bought in Canada?

E juice is the vapour liquid or e-liquid that comes in variety of flavours and strengths. Here is the safe, water soluble Ejuice Composition:

  • Propylene Glycol - 75%
  • Vegetable Glycerine - 25%
  • Distilled Water
  • Flavouring

The most popular e-juice in Vancouver includes traditional tobacco flavours such as; CDN full flavour tobacco, Marlboro brandy, Champagne, DK tab, Dumay, Hexport, ry4, menthol, blueberry, banana, black cherry tobacco, grape, raspberry, peach, green tea, maple, Tim's ice cap, vanilla, cola, pomegranate are just a few of the most popular among users of e-cigarettes in Vancouver. To learn more about the ingredients of e-juice and the ejuice flavour available from Electronic Cigarette Vancouver, visit our electronic cigarette e-juice section.

How much do E Cigarettes Cost?

Imagine replacing a $70 p/wk smoking habit routinely spent by most smokers to just $10 per week vaping. On average, you can expect to spend 1/3 of what you currently spend on smoking tobacco. In a one year comparison, the average smoker will save over $3,600! Read more about how much electronic cigarettes cost and how much money you can save with this amazing alternative to smoking.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

After completing a comprehensive study in 2009 conducted by Professor Carl Phillips Associate Professor 2005-2009, Department of Public Health Sciences University of Alberta concluded that (ST) smokeless tobacco delivered by an e-cigarettes presented 99% less risk then to that of regular tobacco smoking. This amazing little innovation also delivers peace of mind and greater social acceptance in the knowledge it poses no environmental harm to others including non smokers since it has none of the many dangerous carcinogens and offensive ingredients inherent to tobacco smoke. Learn more about why are electronic cigarettes safe.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Legal in Canada?

Currently throughout Canada, electric cigarette devices are legal for use by individuals. Health Canada has concerns about safe sale of e cigs and their components such as quality control, nicotine poisoning from improper use and addiction rates. Of course, the tobacco lobbyists have a strong interest in dragging out the approval of this new, safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Learn more about the electronic cigarette laws in Canada.

Where to find E Juice and E-Cigarette Kits in Vancouver?

We are based in the downtown Vancouver westend and meet with customers daily by appointment where we provide demonstrations and instructions of e-cigarette kits, accessories and e-juice. Vancouver residents can meet with us to preview a range of the latest models of electronic cigarette kits to meet your specific smoking requirements and budget. You can find us easily at the Denman Street and Davie Street crossroad overlooking English bay. To make a pick up appointment, or have the product delivered by prepaying with Paypal, simply contact us to make arrangements. Electronic Cigarette Vancouver will deliver to most cities in the GVA and British Columbia, including Surrey, Richmond, Langley and White Rock.